Charging spots for public use

New electric car charging columns are available to both Cogeser and non-Cogeser clients, with guaranteed savings

The trend toward electric mobility is a fact, also explicitly mentioned in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP), in which the "Green Revolution and Ecological Transition" (Mission M2) has been included to foster our country's green transition.

We at Cogeser Energia decided to pursue a virtuous path aiming at the development of a more conscious and sustainable mobility in the municipalities of the Adda Martesana and surrounding areas, back in 2015. In June 2019, we inaugurated the first charging station for electric cars, motorcycles and quadricycles, and as of 2023 we are at 15 stations with the goal of reaching most of the municipalities of the Adda Martesana. 

Electric car columns can be used by anyone, 24 hours a day. In addition, they are extremely intuitive and easy to use

The charging stations are included in an intelligent infrastructure, with more than 100,000 stations in "interoperability" in Italy and Europe, which allows Cogeser Energia's clients to recharge electric cars throughout the national and international territory, in this way we enable the area of our greatest interest, the Martesana, for the benefit of everyone.

At the following link you will find the map with available charging stations in the selected territory Map Charging Stations

To ensure a sustainable future for the next generations, we use energy that comes from 100% renewable sources.


Most of the charging columns in the Cogeser Energia network are equipped with 2 sockets for simultaneous charging of two cars; some stations have 4 sockets that also allow simultaneous charging of 2 motorcycles/quads. During the charging process it is possible to check that everything is carried out properly.

In fact, the charging column is equipped with:

  • a device for checking whether the cable is connected properly;
  • a connector locking system to prevent unauthorized removal of the cable;
  • LED light indicating charging status and system availability;
  • Automatic power cut-off system upon completion of charging;
  • Geo-location on mobility maps.


All Cogeser clients and non-clients can use our charging spots by downloading the APP Cogeser Energia | E -move and creating an account. Thanks to the APP you will be able to view in real time the columns installed on the territory and check their availability at any moment. Moreover, if you have signed up for one of Cogeser Energia's offers, you can not only book charging stations directly from the APP, but also activate them through a simple click.

As an alternative to using the APP, it is possible to use theRfid card that is given to the client upon signing the contract. Finally, in addition, a QR code can be used for spot recharges, that is, for those who do not wish to download APP and/or register.


On public stations, both with Cogeser brands and with brands of other operators, connected by roaming, the recharge fees charged to Cogeser Clients are shown here:

Station Type of recharge Prices (VAT incl.)
Quick Cogeser Energia alternating current 0.67 €/kWh
Non Cogeser network station (roaming) alternating current 0.73 €/kWh
Non Cogeser network station (roaming) direct current 0.89 €/kWh

Prices applied from November 01, 2022.

You can also pay with your electricity bill at cheaper prices! Cogeser clients who request top-up charges to be added to their bills will get a 10% discount on the price per kWh.

Make a contribution to growing electric mobility in Italy, yourself. Start now by finding out about Cogeser Energia's recharge points, or register your account using the following new activation request form.


The APP is available for Android and IOS environments, and you can use the following links to download it:

In addition to the APP, it is possible to use an RFID Card that can be requested via email:, after activating the recharge service.


Having trouble with recharging? Questions concerning your prepaid account, your Cogeser Energia membership, or how the app works? Contact us at email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.