Fixed installment

A fixed monthly installment, with no surprises, based on your needs

The "constant installment" offeris suitable for all clients who use gas for cooking, hot water and/or home heating and the installments are set to cover 12 months from the date the contract is signed. The customer can then join the "constant installment" offer at any time during the year:

  • 12 invoices per year are expected to be issued on a monthly basis;
  • invoices will be issued on account with constant usage;
  • the usage charged in each individual bill will be determined on the basis of historical annual consumption divided by twelve.

After 365 days from the activation of the offer, the corresponding adjustments will be issued in the presence of meter readings that detect discrepancies in the consuption profile with respect to the predefined one upon signing. Readings will be taken by the local distribution company as required by current regulations.

In the adjustment bill the actual consumption determined by the difference between the reading taken at the time of activation of the offer and the reading taken at the end of the period will be refunded/charged.

For details on how to adhere to the "Constant Installment" format, contact us or visit us at the