Insurance for final users - Cogeser Energia

Insurance coverage against accidents resulting from gas supplied through urban distribution or transportation networks

Anyone who uses, even occasionally, methane gas or other type of gas supplied through urban distribution networks or transportation networks, automatically benefits from insurance coverage against gas accidents, pursuant to Resolution 223/2016/R/gas of the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (ARERA).

Insurance coverage is valid throughout the entire country. The following are excluded from it:

  • The end users of natural gas other than domestic or condominial domestic clients equipped with a meter of class higher than G25 (the class of the meter is indicated on the bill);
  • The consumers of natural gas for automotive purposes.

The provided guarantees coverliability to third parties, fires and accidents, originating in the installations and appliances downstream of the gas delivery point (downstream of the meter). The insurance is stipulated by CIG (Italian Gas Committee) on behalf of end users.

For any further details regarding insurance coverage and the forms to be used to report a claim, one can contact the Energy Consumer Desk toll-free 800.166.654 or by using one of the methods indicated on the website